Made from sunshine and lake breezes.

About Us

We're Randy and Denise Rowe.  The quick story......we were bean sprout farmers for 27 years.  We've been married for 32 years, and have 2 beautiful (are they ever) daughters and 3 pretty neat grand kids.  Sold the farm.  Travelled for 8 months around North America with our 5th wheel trailer and big hairy dog.  We had bought a beautiful lakefront property a few years before, and decided to build our little off grid home.  Randy had a less than satisfying job, Denise - a Photographer, decided it was time for a change.  Randy had been brewing weekly with a friend and both decided to build small micro and nano breweries.  Our 6 panel solar system was upgraded, with the power tower, to an 18 solar panel system and small wind turbine.  This all allows us both to work at our lakeside home at what we love to do.  Living the dream!  ;-) 


Our Brews

* Smooth Sailing Pale Ale set to be released summer 2017 *


Sunny Day IPA ~ the everyday IPA

Made from lake breezes and sunshine


High tower Double ipa

A double whammy of honey and sunny.




Campfire red ale

~ GOLD medal winner at the Downeast brewing awards 2017

Summer in a bottle


unplugged porter

Unplug.  Unwind.  Uncommonly delicious


when there’s a huge solar energy spill, it’s called a nice day.
— unknown

Our Local Suppliers

Lakeview Hops Ltd.


Where You Can Find Our Beer

ANBL Outlets


Pubs in Fredericton


Off Grid Ales Merch

Coming Soon...


Talk To Us

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